Applications for 2018 Fellows Now Being Accepted Online Until September 17.

Qualifications of Fellows

Fellows must be individuals with a formal diagnosis of ALS/MND (including ALS, ALS-FTD, FTD, PMA, PLS, and other forms of motor neuron disease) from an accredited physician and be able to present certification upon request to the Selection Committee.

Fellows can be at any stage of their disease, but we aim to have a diverse representation of ALS/MND in our Fellows, so we seek to learn this information about each applicant.

This fellowship is as much about bringing the individual person with ALS/MND to the research meetings as it is about sharing that experience with the rest of the ALS community; therefore, Fellows must display the ability and commitment to communicate effectively in writing via blogs, social media, etc leading up to, during and after their Fellowship.

Application and Selection Process

Applications will be made online via survey monkey between August 15 – September 17, 2018. A maximum of three Fellows will be chosen.

Should someone with ALS not be able to access the internet or utilize the online application, they may request to submit an application in another way by contacting the review committee through this website.

There are Five Parts to Each Application

Part 1: General Contact Information (so we can contact you. you aren’t going on any spam lists, don’t worry, you will only receive emails regarding your application and the fellowship program)

Part 2: Disease State, including diagnosis date/location and general description of progression (we ask these to attempt to have diversity based on these factors among fellows)

Part 3: Description of Your Background (educational, work, hobbies) (again, these are being asked to help us learn about you, your interests and further our ability to select as diverse a group as we can. You will enter these via text and you will have an option to upload a resume or CV if you would like as well)

Part 4: Written responses to the following as best possible:

  • Describe your passion for ALS research
  • What specific aims do you have for furthering understanding of ALS research by participating in this Symposium?
  • What have you learned about ALS research up to now?
  • Are there specific ALS researchers or topics that are particular interest to you?
  • How will you share your experiences at the Symposium with Others?
  • How Can you be a change agent to improve ALS research?


Part 5: Affirmation that you understand the limited costs covered by the Fellowship (We will cover the costs of lodging, food, etc…but you’ll have to pay for your own travel to and from Boston basically)