Introduction to Virtual Fellows and addition of Andrea Peet

Being diagnosed with ALS makes it hard to plan really far into the future. The following two individuals applied and were selected to serve as Patient Fellows this past June, however, due to a variety of factors, they informed the Committee that they were unable to attend the Symposium in person just a short few weeks out from the event. Both Andrew and Steph have had an immense impact on the execution of this program and keeping them involved directly in it going forward will only add to our ability to achieve the mission of the Fellowship. Therefore, the Committee asked them to stay on with the group as “Virtual Fellows” and they agreed.

At the same time, the Committee discussed the ability to invite a person with ALS to join the other Fellows in Boston. With such short notice, it was going to be a difficult task. However, thankfully, Andrea Peet emerged as a person with ALS that met the criteria and was also able to swiftly commit to the parameters of the Fellowship. The Committee welcomes Andrea Peet to the ALS/MND Patient Fellows Program. You can learn more about Andrea Peet and all Patient Fellows here.

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