Got ALS? Want to influence science? Good, we want you to do that as well!

What would happen if we opened up science meetings in ALS to people with ALS more? Would it improve relationships and communication between people with ALS and ALS researchers? Would people with ALS and researchers gain new perspectives on what they each are thinking about? We want to find out! That’s the idea we are exploring through this┬áprogram!

All ideas start somewhere, and you can read how this one started and who is behind in in the About Section of this website.

There are links about regarding the Fellow Application and Selection Process as well as a lot of information about What Fellows Should Expect from this program (spoiler: lots of help!)

Thanks for your interest in this idea. We are really excited about its potential. Look forward to seeing everyone that can be at this year’s International Symposium on ALS/MND in Boston December 7, 8 and 9.


Cathy, Rob, Paul, Gudjon, Eric and Stephen

(aka The ALS/MND Patient Fellows Selection Committee)

Start your Patient Fellow Application

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